The Curriculum Vitae


  • 2017
  • This is the thing. Everyone needs a nice looking cv.
  • Not only is it crucial for you future prospects (add your position here)
  • it will constantly remind you of the good things you've achieved in life
  • 2016
  • So, that's why b*cms has a special template for your cv
  • With a little bit of careful formatting it will look like this
  • with indents in all the right places


And here's another indentation variant
This text-only template will of course lend itself to other type of texts
Completely image or media free. Spanning the full width of the layout
And with the TinyMce text formatting tools that are available for all text fields (not only the text-only template) you'll be able to do a lot of other stuff with text as well


Be bold! Make it italic. Strike under the line. Or strike everything through

Turn to the right

Head forward!

Insert a table

And more!