Template: Summary and Thumbnail

2013-12-05 18:50:08

Welcome to this particular article! It uses the article-level layout template called "Image Stack (start: text)" which stacks the images in a column to the right. The "start: text" portion of the name of the template is pretty self-explanatory: when you clicked on the headline or image in the category page to get here, the first thing you'll see is the text part of the article. Enlarge and browse the images to the right by clicking them.

B*cms is primarily a portfolio system made to make image browsing easy. You normally don't have to insert your images into the text field as in most blog systems (oh, there are exceptions). Images you upload for a particular article are inserted automatically into the layout where they should be. No needs to tweak their positions in the text field.

And you don't have to scavenge through an ever-expanding and increasingly chaotic image library to find the image you need for a particular article. You simply upload the images you'll need for an article directly to it. The back side is that you'll have to upload the same image again if you need it for another article. But despite of this quirk the users seem to appreciate this rather straightforward approach.

And if you would like to insert an image into the text field it's simple enough. Just set the cursor where you want the image to appear and click an arrow in the image list and voilá: