In The News

2013-12-05 18:55:03

B*cms has a specific news category that does things a bit differently than the other categories. First of all it's articles are sorted by publishing date, starting with the most recent article. And it has a paging system limiting the number of articles to be shown at the same time.

News articles can be displayed on the start page. I you want. If not, just shut it down in the start page settings. Or you can control this feature on an article level, pushing the stuff that needs pushing. And if you don't want any news at all? Fine, just deactivate it in the menu settings.


Template: Summary and Thumbnail

2013-12-05 18:50:08

Your'e looking at the Summary & Thumbnail category-level layout template. It uses the articles' summary field for the text and a thumbnail image to the right. This is the template of choice if you want to focus on text rather than image and still display a thumbnail. If you're the text-only type of user you should also look up the blog function or the text archive template. 

One thing that makes b*cms different from f.ex. WordPress is the dedicated summary field. Instead of shortening the main text you can customize your summaries.

Click the headline or the image to read more about the Stacked Images template.


What about mobiles?

2013-12-02 13:22:20

Your website will look splendid also on a mobile phone! B*cms' layouts are responsive and automatically adapt to smaller screens and handheld devices of all sorts. The mobile layout is a bit simpler than the desktop version. You won't get all functions that some of the templates offer. But it really does the job very well.