Draw us in! Use a slide carousel, a video or an image at the top of the start page.


Customizable transition/fade speed and image size.



The Sample Site Explained

Warmly welcome to this sample website for b*cms! Dive in to all the quirks and perks of this stylish, simple, yet powerful website system that serves artists and creative companies. If you're convinced that this system is for you, head over to the webpage at to check out all the details and pricing.

You're currently at the start page. This is oftenmost the first page people see when they browse to your site from for example a Google search. There's a bunch of options for this page that are manageable from the administration. Push your news articles or latest portfolio items. Add a slide carousel, video or image at the top. Advertise your facebook page or twitter account. Highlight certain categories (see below). And more.

You can choose not to have a start page at all - and instead direct your readers and viewers directly to your portfolio or biography. Or have a splash page with a huge covering image. Soo many possibilities here!


Sometimes you need to push for a specific category.


These small, dedicated notes direct readers to the categories that matters most to you.


Editable in the articles and start page setup sections.


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